Singles & Couples

Provides short-term, interim housing and case management for singles and couples experiencing either chronic or episodic homelessness.

Rachel's Story

Finally On Our Own

I sat down a good half a dozen times trying to figure out the perfect way to write what our story is. Finally I had this realization: it’s not that difficult to tell! So after at least six times of writing and deleting, this is me just spilling my guts to tell y’all about Glen and my experiences.

We got married in December 2010. It was a very exciting time for both of us, but we were both homeless. My husband stayed at the Mission and I had just gone from the Mission to my parents’ house. Finally, two weeks before the wedding I got a call from Glen. He had found a rooming house that would permit both of us living there. I was pretty excited. It wasn’t until later we realized we hadn’t taken much of a step.

After living there eight months (and after the landlord raised the rent an extra $200!!) a friend of ours told us to look into this place called TLC. We had NO idea what he was talking about. We had a lot of fear about what it would be like there, and we were hesitant.

Rachel & Glen are former participants at TLC and they are sharing their story

After a lot of discussion and weighing our options we decided to at least look into this place. I called in and spoke with the desk lady, Maggie, who told us we needed to attend an orientation before we could know if we qualified to stay there and if they would fit our needs. So we went to orientation and met Doug, who runs TLC. We learned that TLC stands for “Transitional Living Center” and that they help people who are struggling with homelessness to finally get on their feet. It sounded like the perfect plan for us! We moved in on September 22nd of last year.

Fast forward 4 months: Glen and I moved out of TLC and into our own home on February 1st. Without the help of TLC...without the help of Doug and Carissa (our caseworker) and Marge (our other caseworker) we would NOT be where we are now. Not to mention, we were hav­ing some issues getting into a program because in their requirements there were some wording issues that disqual­ified us from being eligible to participate. After a month of worrying that we wouldn’t be able to join this program (and on a really BAD day) Doug gave us the good news that we could participate! They fought for us so we could get as much help as possible moving out and on our own! I really don’t even know if everyone who works there understands how much they do. And ANYONE who ever walks out of there without the utmost respect and gratifi­cation for them should probably be smacked.

I will be the first person in line to recommend TLC to someone who needs some help. If I know someone who has extra furniture or clothes, I’ll ask them to donate to TLC. If I ever meet anyone who donates already, I’ll tell them our story and let them know what a wonderful place TLC is.

Thank you SO much to Doug and Carissa and Marge for all of your help and everything...EVERY­THING you’ve done for us! We will never forget you and we both pray that God blesses you and your families as much, if not more, than you’ve blessed us!