Program Overview

TLC/Veterans' Victory House Lancaster is a 52 room short-term housing facility located in the heart of downtown Lancaster City. The focus of the TLC program is to end the cycle of homelessness and each household must be committed to the goal of finding permanent housing upon enrollment into the TLC program. At TLC, we refer to the housing process as the TLC Bridges to Housing program.


The TLC Bridges to Housing Program is an innovative housing approach based on nationally recognized, evidence-based models, including a Housing First Model of homeless services delivery and a Trauma-Informed Care model of practice. Guided by a case manager, each TLC Participant / Household engages in a program that focuses as needed on four main areas of development including: development of an Individualized Housing Plan (IHP), Budgeting, a Life Long Learning Program of developmental classes provided in the context of a Caring, Safe and Supportive Community. Each area of the TLC program combines to provide the foundation for success in achieving each participant’s housing goals.


The TLC Bridges to Housing Program includes the following individual programs that address the specific needs of those experiencing homelessness in the Lancaster community:


  • Family & Children (FES)

    provides shelter and support for families experiencing economic hardship. FES emphasizes GED completion, employment and childcare.


  • Veterans

    provides short-term, interim housing and case management for our veteran men, women and their children experiencing homelessness or in imminent risk of homelessness.


  • Singles & Couples

    provides short-term, interim housing and case management for singles and couples experiencing homelessness.

Please click here to download the TLC/Veterans' Victory House Lancaster Fact Sheet.