Returning Citizens from Prison

The TLC program receives referrals from the Lancaster County Re-entry Management Organization (RMO). The Mission of the Lancaster County Re-entry Management Organization is to achieve safer communities through reduced recidivism by providing support and assistance to transitioning inmates through an intentional network of faith-based and community organizations in partnership with the criminal justice system.

RMO 2015 - 2016 Annual Report

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Derrick's Story

Road to a Good Life

“I would definitely recom­mend the program to those ... that don’t believe, like I didn’t, that someone with a background like mine could get some help and take the next step to having a good life.” — Derrick, former TLC resident

I got hooked up with the RMO (Re-Entry) program, while I was incarcerated in late December, with Kay Knight of Neighborhood Services. She got me into TLC where I could get my life back in order. While at TLC my girlfriend and kids were working another program in town. Our goal was to eventually get through the programs and get housing together.


Fortunately the people at TLC and Kay got me hooked up in a couple of programs so I could get my family back together. During my stay I graduated from Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Thaddeus Stevens schooling and a Children and Youth home plan. We then found permanent housing in the county with the help of Tabor’s Shelter to Independent Living caseworker, Jackie Graham.


While at TLC I met a lot of people that took an interest in me, like Doug, Rich my mentor, Sheila my caseworker, and the Road to Recovery team, Art and Linda. They helped me very much with my addiction and social problems. Doug mentioned Westminster was doing their annual project and I offered to help. It turns out they really needed it. I ended up doing all the ceiling tiles for them during their 2-week project and met some great people, some I am still in contact with today. I now have people I can call on when I need something, a normal circle of friends.


Thanks to everyone at TLC and Neighborhood Services and especially the people that I met while I was there. Also thank you to Doug and TLC for helping us with furniture and supplies. We continue our communication to this day, in case my family might need some assistance, the team is there to answer the call. I would definitely recommend the program to those that are out there like me that don’t believe, like I didn’t, that someone with a background like mine could get some help and take the next step to having a good life.

Derrick and Jamie share their experience at TLC Lancaster