Assuring Success Continues

In 1985, Adam Gehr helped form a committee to respond to a need for transitional housing in Lancaster. The committee created the non-profit organization Harb Adult, its purpose to provide a safe harbor for adults experiencing homelessness. Soon, they realized adults often came with children and they expanded the mission to include families. Today, Harb Adult is known as TLC, and serves individuals and all types of families experiencing homelessness, including veterans, those exiting prison, and families needing emergency shelter.

Through it all, Adam and his wife Isabel have been generous and steadfast supporters of Harb Adult, and now TLC. Adam offers, “The most important thing is the ability for TLC to change people’s lives ... for them to go from homeless and helpless to happy, productive citizens. TLC’s success is so impressive, I’d like to see that continue.”

To help assure that success continues, Adam and Isabel have put TLC in their will. Explains Adam, “I wanted to leave money to continue the support I’ve provided for so many years. I did not want my support to stop once I was gone. It was not a difficult process. We just had an attorney add the gift to our will.

“I think this is one of the best investments that you can make with your money. No one of us can do all that TLC is able to do for so many people. We can leave our money and know that it will be doing good after we are gone. At the annual dinners, I hear the stories from the people that TLC has helped and I can’t think of a better way to use that money. The community benefits because people who are homeless can be helped instead of becoming a ward of the government.”

Adam is a retiree of Sperry New Holland, the company for which he worked his whole life. He started as a salesmen and worked in branches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and even overseas in Belgium for 3 years, working his way up in the Marketing department. Most of the time he traveled and Adam and Isabel have traveled a lot since he retired.

Adam understands the importance of good management and only has good things to say about TLC’s management team. “Doug is the hardest working guy,” he exclaims about TLC’s program director. “He has so much energy! He’s always got something going on.

“I think the 50 for 50 Campaign is a noble program. It’s taking advantage of a situation and making the most of it.

“We have been blessed with success in our own lives and we wanted to share that. We want to help other people. We can’t do all that TLC is able to do.”

For more information on planned giving, please contact Doug Hopwood at or call 717.397.3034.


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