Program update - ReEntry Management Organization (RMO)

From time to time on our weekly blog, we will provide some definition and update to the programs and acronyms we handily throw about here at TLC. The first program we would like to discuss is the RMO or ReEntry Management Organization. This organization is really a collaboration started approximately 11-12 years ago to assist returning citizens incarcerated at the Lancaster County Prison (LCP) on their journey back into society. The RMO consists of over 40 members from all different facets of the social service arena, as well as governmental and private entities.

Our part at TLC is to provide Community Resource Coordination (CRC) through individualized case management as well as housing, if needed, during the time needed to establish income and a stable foundation to move forward and positively impact their lives and their community. We have been involved with more than 100 returning citizens throughout the years of our participation in the program. At the current time, we have 2 families and 4 single males in the program, all working toward sustainability and permanent housing.

The program is run by Melanie Snyder, Executive Director, who is phenomenal at finding resources and new avenues of hope for our folks. The website to the RMO is If you do go to the website, you will find that this population experiences many barriers, oftentimes for just making a poor decision and suffering the consequences of that decision. Most of the individuals and families we are working with have very low level crimes and certainly deserve another chance.

To hear one such story please click here Bryan O’Malley’s story or watch down below. If you would like to reach out to help, please contact me directly at TLC,, or the Lancaster RMO.

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