Banquet Prep

As fall arrives and the leaves begin their annual change of color, TLC is in total action. This is an extremely busy time of the year for us. As many of you already know, our annual Volunteer Recognition and Fundraising Banquet is on October 20 at 6 PM (dinner and program begin at 6:30 PM). The preparation for this event starts a year ahead of time, but is in full swing right now.

This year we are blessed to have an anonymous donor offer a matching gift of $25,000. That’s right, for every dollar we raise to $25,000, it is matched dollar for dollar. A big thanks to our donor and to those of you who have sponsored the event and made your reservations. We still have a few seats (and sponsorships) left. If interested, please sign up here. If unfortunately you cannot make it and want to donate to help us meet our goal, you can by clicking here and designating a matching gift for TLC banquet.

As always, we have some surprises for the banquet, and we are very confident it will be a great event, highlighted by our participant stories in their own words-always the shining moment of the evening.

While the banquet consumes most of our time, our TLC friends and family are busy at work. The Lancaster County Association of Realtors (LCAR) is holding their annual fundraising event for TLC on 11/13/16. This event has raised over $422,722 in contributions over the years. Many thanks to LCAR and all of their sponsors and donors.

Right around the corner is the ExtraOrdinary Give on November 18, 2016. We are very excited about this event this year as we will have our own donate page for the event, allowing our donors a much easier time finding us and donating. We will be at a pre-party from 5-8 PM at Tabor Community Services at 308 East King Street. Please stop in and visit with us. Click here for more information on this fun event. Big news just in ... The Tustin Group has graciously agreed to be our corporate sponsor, matching each donation up to $5000, dollar for dollar. Please help us reach that goal. THANK YOU Tustin Group!

None of this is possible without the hard, tireless work of the Tabor development department who are behind the scenes working very hard to make sure all goes well—a GIANT thank you to the team!

A busy time of the year it is indeed, but the biggest thanks goes to you, our TLC friends and family and our donors. YOU, through your benevolence, allow us to do the work we do each and every day, moving families from homelessness to housing.

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