2016 TLC Banquet Re-cap | Thank you

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 2016 TLC Fundraising and Volunteer Recognition Banquet held at the Eden last Thursday, October 20th. To our many sponsors, our 300 attendees, TLC friends and family, we have heard a good time was had by all. They were powerful and moving talks from folks who are currently staying at TLC, as well as some who have moved on and into permanent housing. This is always the best part of the evening’s presentation. We are happy to say we met our match goal of $25,000 due to your generosity and giving. A few of the highlights are listed below:

· The William and Annetta Good Volunteer of the Year Award went to, Zach Roten and Philip Hinerdeer, 2 young men, both on their way to earning their Eagle Scouts, who volunteered and renovated over 15 rooms at TLC, with a special emphasis on the Veterans’ Victory House rooms. They also did drives and brought in numerous items for use at TLC.

· The Jay and Maggie Kiralfy Community Service Award went to Jennifer Gehman of the Lodge Lifeservices for her outstanding work in housing the folks in all of our programs. Jen’s perseverance and drive is unparalleled when it comes to housing those with multiple barriers to housing and making sure they are treated fairly and have what they need moving forward to maintain that housing.

·The Award of Excellence recipients were Bill and Carol Hopwood, who have demonstrated over the last 10 years, the giving of their time, talents and treasures in so many different ways. From being Mr and Mrs Claus at Christmas to material donations to financial support, they are certainly to be emulated in their generosity, compassion and caring to and for TLC and its participants.

A big thank you to the Tabor Development Department for their support that evening and in all the prep work, especially the outstanding efforts on all the printed and video work, Nate and Viktoria!

And last but not least, please know, you do make a difference in the lives of so many!

Check out the evening's pictures and videos!


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