Nurses make it better at TLC

Many of you may be unaware, but once a week, during the school year, the Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) Adult Nursing Program has been holding one of its weekly classes at TLC. This year the class is on Wednesdays from 4-9:30pm.

Originally, a group of providers and shelters got together (approximately 9 years ago) to discuss the overuse of the local hospital emergency rooms. A lot of data was pulled and it was found that some of the “heavy users” were from the local homeless shelters. Christine Bachman, an instructor from HACC, made the suggestion of holding a class onsite at TLC to better inform the students of “real life” situations and perhaps curb the emergency room visits for the more common medical situations. To say this has been a success, would be undercutting the value of this partnership immeasurably. Christine, was followed by Sherry Lookofsky, as lead instructor here at TLC. They are simply put, a tremendous asset to us. The instructor and students have arranged to have talks on nutrition, back to school checks and exercise programs, all while coming in once a week to check blood pressures, weights, follow-ups from surgeries and baby observations.

We currently have 4 babies under 2 months at TLC (all born while staying here) and two pregnant Moms due by the end of the year, the students have calmed and ease many of a first-time Mom’s apprehensions. These students have saved the emergency rooms tons of time (money) by taking care of smaller medical issues and providing valuable information. They have also helped our participants well-being by helping them understand their follow-up procedures and prevention techniques.

This partnership is a hidden gem in one of the many community partners we host at TLC, but one with perhaps the largest benefits to our participants and the community. A win/win/win for the students, TLC participants and the community at large. In blogs to come I will have some excerpts from the students and instructor, themselves. A giant, heartfelt thank you to Christine, Sherry and their students for all you do for us at TLC and for so many.

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