Veterans deserve our support

I was fortunate enough to emcee an event hosted by Martic MOST, "A Salute to Veterans”, this past Saturday and was reminded once again of our obligation and responsibility to assist those that have served our country to protect the freedom and rights that we so cherish. A big thanks to Martic MOST for all they do supporting Veterans and the organizations helping Veterans.

As many of you know, the Veterans’ Victory House is an integral factor in helping Veterans experiencing homelessness get back to permanent housing. Since being awarded the grant some 9 years, ago we have assisted over 300 Veterans. Three years ago, we added the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program, and have served an additional 200 individuals and families. As the First Lady mentions below and we heartily agree, this is a very important and real ongoing need and we take that responsibility seriously. We thank so many of you who individually or through service organizations, companies or other groups support the Veterans’ Victory House. With your help, we will be here as long as needed to assist our heroes, those who have served to defend and protect the United States of America.

Addressing the Summit participants, First Lady Michelle Obama said: "We are making real progress. We are absolutely on our way to solving this problem. And we cannot let up for a single minute. Can't do it. Because we all know how this issue works. We all know that as long as our fellow Americans are serving in harm's way, we will always have new Veterans transitioning to civilian life who might need our support. And a Veteran who's doing just fine today could hit on hard times tomorrow. So our work is never finished. The day that we find homes for every Veteran, it's still not finished. We can never just pat ourselves on the back and move on to the next thing, not on this issue. On this issue, it takes continuous and unwavering attention and action no matter what else is going on in this country."

White House blog post: Together We Can End Veterans Homelessness

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