Why is Bill Murray on this blogpost?

Very often I am asked the question, so when I donate to TLC/Veterans’ Victory House Lancaster, where does my money go? Well there is no short answer to that question, as we certainly need to pay the bills to keep the building functioning, the salaries to our lean but fantabulous staff, but quite often those funds are directed straight into the hands of the folks that need it the most, those we are working with.

To illustrate, I will give you a very current example, the names are changed due to confidentiality and privacy rules, but I think very quickly, one can see your donated dollars at work. I received a call from our Lebanon VA Outreach (LVAMC) worker last Friday later afternoon and she had just received a call from a Veteran couple who were in the northern part of our county. Jim and Nancy, and their dog, had come here and literally were sleeping in their car (hauling a trailer) at a Park n Ride. Jim has some fairly serious medical issues that need to continue to be addressed, so Nancy was doing a lot of the communicating. If you recall, last weekend, it was going to be zero or below with the wind chill. The Outreach worker was not going to be able to connect with them until after the weekend and she asked if TLC was able to provide any assistance for them. I immediately got in touch with the couple, listened to their story, and we determined the best option was to put them up in a motel, where they would be safe and warm for the weekend. It turns out the motel, for a few dollars more, was able to give them a week. With Jim and Nancy and dog, in from the elements the team (LVAMC and TLC) went to work. There was a referral made to our Supportive Services for Veteran Family (SSVF) program and that process has started. Through another team staff member, arrangements are being sought for the dog, so they may be able to potentially get into our Veterans’ Victory House program. This will allow them to save money to get their own place, hopefully with the services and assistance of Tabor’s SSVF team.

Very simply put, without your donations, this household would have not received this help and certainly been put at risk by sleeping outside in sub-freezing temperature. Our TLC/Veterans’ Victory House friends and family, and the monetary donations that you generously give to us allow us to respond very quickly and in all kind of different ways depending on need to situations such as this. As is this case, we often are the first call for help. We thank you, you do make a difference in so many lives, with your support.

So, what about Bill Murray? If you click on his picture, you will see that there is a fundraiser on February 2, 2017, Groundhog Day, “The Groundhog Give.” A team has gotten together to raise money for TLC/Veterans’ Victory House to continue the work we do, helping so many in our county in need . We hope to see you at Tellus 360, to thank you and meet you in person. If you cannot make it, please continue to think of us when you are thinking of donating. We sincerely thank you and wish all of you the best in 2017.

#Fundraiser #EndingVeteransHomelessness

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