Community Youth at their finest...

Earlier today I was accompanied by a participant to do a talk at Sacred Heart for a group of 8th graders. This came about by some parents, having attended our banquet in October, thinking it was a good idea for the 8th graders to collect something for TLC, after discussing it with a Tabor board member. They decided on doing a coat drive and boy did they! They were very successful and the winter coats have been dropped off for all to have at TLC during these colder months.

As part of the drive, I was asked to come speak to them a

bout TLC and homelessness in Lancaster. We had a great session with the class asking and answering questions, really wanting to come to grips with homelessness and its cause. The star of the day was our participant J. She told of her story and had the classroom at rapt attention. She has lived quite a life, seen many things, but now is clean and sober for over 18 months. The young adults listened attentively, as J told them of the importance of school, and how she came to arrive at TLC. TLC was the only place after years of no one trusting her, that gave her a chance. “ TLC showed trust and belief in me from the door, ” J proclaimed beaming.

One of the most impressive comments from the class came when answering the question - "So what does homelessness look like?" A young lady, answered, “I don’t think you can know what homelessness looks like because homelessness has no face. It is just different people experiencing it.” I do many talks, but have never had it put so honestly and eloquently as that. The most moving moment came at the end of the talk, when a young female raised her hand and J asked her what her question was, and she said do you mind if I give you a hug. There was a large group hug that followed and a few tears to boot.

Thank you Sacred Heart for the opportunity to educate and your generous coat drive. This is one 8th grade class we will be hearing great things from as they move into their futures.


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