Local High Schooler helping in the fight to end homelessness

My name is Devin McMahon and I am a junior at Lancaster Catholic High School. I am a full-time student, part-time worker, a captain on my lacrosse team, and I am the founder of a non-profit organization that carries the legacy of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

This organization is called the Mother Teresa Project. I got the idea to do this midway through my sophomore year after seeing and talking to some people experiencing homelessness and thought that people my age should do more to help these people.

It officially started the fall of my junior year and I have called upon 3 of my friends to be apart of this. We met with Mr. Hopwood shortly after and saw that the Transitional Living Center (TLC/Veterans' Victory House Lancaster) needed our help to help those experiencing homelessness. I received a list of what they needed in December, and had our first donation drive on Christmas Eve, donating over $600 worth of goods. For our first fundraiser, we hosted a dance and invited LCHS, LCDS, and McCaskey. With that, we raised a lot of money that will be put towards helping the Transitional Living Center (TLC/Veterans' Victory House Lancaster).

By working with them, we dream of making homelessness a temporary situation, rather than a lifestyle.

What an inspiration - in high school and doing what he can to help us end homelessness, thanks Devin! Way to go! If more of you want to get involved or show support please check out our website or contact me directly, dhopwood@tabornet.org.

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Photos courtesy of Devin McMahon.

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