We are getting a new roof

As always, lots of things happening at TLC/Veterans’ Victory House Lancaster this week, but one item sticks out-- as it does not happen often. In fact the last time it happened it was at least 20 years ago. We are getting a new roof! Thanks to our development department and some very clever children at TLC (watch our video submission here), we entered and won the GSM Great Roof Giveaway with GSM Roofing this past summer. That winning entry resulted in a $25,000 roofing project. GSM was kind enough to come out and work on our small kitchen roof a couple of times to patch leaks coming into our kitchen over the past few months, but this week they are replacing the big roof on top of the building—a major job. This again brings to mind the many, many TLC partners, businesses and friends we MUST have to allow us to continue to do the awesome work our team does here. Many thanks to GSM.

As I was thinking of the roof, it reminded me what our core mission here is at TLC—in simple terms to provide assistance, case management and hope to those experiencing homelessness in their efforts to obtain their personal goal of obtaining their OWN roof, an apartment or a house to call their very own. To that end, thanks to the many collaborative efforts of the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness and organizations within the coalition, the families and individuals at TLC are moving into their own places. Many may not understand all these folks go through on a daily basis to attain this goal, their resilience and determination are to be admired. After all, it is not always easy to move into TLC, next to one hundred of the closest neighbors you have never met before (39 of them children), going through the trauma, pressure and emotional stress that led one to enter our doors. Thankfully, the end result is a placement rate of over 75% into that sought after, “place of our own.”

Today we thank GSM, our TLC staff, partners and friends, for providing our roof, that leads to providing a roof for so many others.


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