Volunteers, babies, and Easter

With Ash Wednesday a day behind us, fasnachts eaten, we are officially in Lent leading us to Easter Sunday. This brings to mind many things, but oftentimes one associates Lent with giving up, but I believe we are also called to give to—give to those less fortunate, those who may have barriers to housing, those with challenges mentally and physically and those whose economic reality causes them to spend 50-70% of their income on housing.

At TLC we are at the intersection of all of those issues. Many of our veterans experiencing homelessness have some of the issues listed above, as well as our families and the returning citizens we serve. In that spirit of giving to—we are also blessed to have fantastic donors and volunteers who daily, not just during Lent or the holidays, give of their time, talents and treasures. We heartily thank you for all you do. If it was not for you—we would not be able to attempt to meet the needs of those we serve.

We invite you always to join us in our endeavor to reduce homelessness and put into place supports that allow households ongoing sustainability in their quest for permanent housing. To that end we are restarting our mentor program, we are trying to update our needs list monthly to reflect the most sought after items and using volunteers in our everyday operations to free up more staff time for critical face to face time with our individuals and families in the program. If interested, please reach out to me at dhopwood@tabornet.org.

We close this piece by saying congratulations to two of our moms who had babies this past weekend—which brings to mind diapers! We are in need of size 4s and 5s currently. Please see pictured, one of favorite volunteers, Maggie, and one of the newborns, little Eddie.

Have a blessed Lenten season and we thank you for taking the time to care about TLC and the people we assist.

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