Neither rain nor snow nor sleet...

March madness begins this week and certainly for the homeless shelters in our area this had nothing to do with basketball. Sometimes folks forget that when all else closes or is delayed-- life at the shelters continue. I know a lot of time was spent at the shelters on Monday just preparing to staff adequately over, what turned out to be a 36 hour event. A big shout out to Becky, who runs the Women’s Emergency Shelter, and WSM for lending space so that the women, approximately 40 of them, had a warm place to be at night and during the day. Not an easy task, but with the collaborative efforts of all, those who chose to, had a place to go.

Specifically at TLC, I want to thank the Program Reporting Assistants (our 24/7 front desk crew), for filling in for their fellow staff, staying over at friend’s house to make it in and doing a bang up job. The hundred or so participants and 40 kids were never in need and always had someone watching the front desk. It was also heartening to see several of our employed participants volunteer to stay at their jobs to provide coverage and a few of our Veterans volunteer for snow duty in and out of the county.

So while the mail was not delivered, our participants and staff certainly did deliver in making sure all were safe, warm and had shelter. A big thanks to all who allowed it to happen and our shelter compatriots in the county for doing what you do. Now, let’s bring on spring - Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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