Spring has sprung

Tis the season when most are more than ready to shake off the frosty mornings, the cold cars and embrace warmth and the beauty spring brings. At TLC, we too welcome this change of seasons, as many times optimism returns about the possibility of better things ahead. While most look forward to blooms and blossoms, here at the Emergency Shelter and Veterans’ Victory House, families and individuals are looking for permanent homes, places to call their own. With the Winter Shelter closing this weekend (and 4 families residing there needing places to go), TLC has once again found itself as of today, 100% full after bringing in 2 of these families, with a record 44 children in our building.

​The staff at TLC as well as our friends and supporters are more than willing to take on this need, but it does put a severe strain on all of our resources, and especially our 100+ year-old building. We as a community must continue to seek creative, innovative and thoughtful ways of maintaining and expanding the availability of safe, affordable housing in our county. The staff at TLC urges you to help us in an effort to seek that out—finding landlords who are willing to rent at affordable rates, thinking of new solutions (pairing up individuals and families?), and engaging the community to continue to fight for the opportunity for prosperity for all, not just those above the median income levels. As you well know, this is not just about housing, but includes livable wages, access to affordable child care and transportation.

So as spring brings us hope, let us think how we may share that hope with many not as fortunate as ourselves, who each day put in yeoman’s efforts to sometimes bring home $8/hr, which sadly to say, just does not afford that possibility hope provides. We thank each and every one of you, for all you do, each and every day in making the lives of others better, happier and more fulfilling. Happy Spring to all.

#Spring #AffordableHousing

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