Rainy days and Thursdays. . .

We remain 100% full here at TLC, with people calling every day to see if we have space. And yes, we still have 43 kiddos as well. I’ve attached a tribute to Winter Shelter 2017, which was done by Becky Saner, who ran Winter Shelter. As a community we have tried to provide shelter for all after the shelter closed, but at this time some are being turned away as there just is not enough “room at the inns.” It is also very important to know that people have personal choice and some individuals choose not to engage with the system. It is sometimes unpleasant or uncomfortable to think one would make that decision, but we must allow for it.

Please take comfort in the fact that our Outreach teams keep in regular contact with these folks and if the moment comes when one does want to engage and seek some assistance, the Outreach team is there to walk alongside that person to make sure the needs are met. This is not easy work at all, and we continue to ask for the public’s help in identifying those who may need help so the teams can reach out. Do not hesitate to go to our website for information or communicate directly with us if you have questions or comments.

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