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A Lancaster walk-up coffee shop has decided to become part of the solution. BUZZ, at 38 W. King Street is owned and operated by Michael Sirianni. If you happen to pass by and see a line of folks seemingly talking to an open window, they are more than likely conversing with Michael about the daily goings-on in Lancaster City.

Michael is an outgoing, interesting man who greets everyone with a smile and a kind word. It is quickly apparent he cares deeply about his fellow man and is not shy about sharing that concern.

He and one of his regular patrons discussed the number of street people who congregate in and around Penn Square, and they thought it would be neighborly to offer a cup of coffee to those who otherwise may go without. Michael put out the challenge to his patrons, and soon the “vouchers” for a free cup started piling up beside his cash register. Wise enough to know there are those who may take advantage of anything “free,” Michael reached out to the Community Homeless Outreach Worker (CHOW) and together, they decided the CHOW would tell those experiencing homelessness to go to BUZZ, say they were sent by the CHOW, and a free cup of delicious, steaming hot coffee would be theirs.

Since early December, Michael reports more than 200 free cups of coffee have been given to those experiencing homelessness. Michael reports the program has worked so well he plans to continue the practice throughout the year.

It’s easy to see a street person, shake your head, and walk on by. Michael Sirianni and the good patrons of BUZZ put their generous hearts and care for the community into action. We are all the better for it.

If you would like to be a part of the solution, pay it forward at BUZZ.

Stop by and buy a cup of coffee for yourself and someone in need.

38 W. King Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

Monday through Saturday - 07:00 AM - 03:00 PM


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