Support our Troops

“Support our Troops” has been a rallying cry for years. In the past week, the Veterans’ Victory House (VVH) has been generously awarded monies from the community that do just that. As most of you know, we have 17 out of our 52 rooms dedicated to veterans. At the current time though there is a waiting list to get in, and we have increased that number to 20.

We are able to do that through the generosity of our community. Very specifically, last week, at Men Who Care, we were asked along with 2 other organizations to give a brief presentation. At MWC, the way that it works is that the presentations are heard and the members vote right then and there and you find out who gets the donation. There are about 100 members and each member then writes a check to the “winning” organization and we were most fortunate to win.

Secondly, yesterday we were awarded a gift from the American Warrior Initiative. They were holding a seminar involving realtors learning and getting credits to house veterans. There were over 200 there and at the lunch break, the group awarded VVH $8,500 from the Initiative and the attendees who had purchased shirts there. Just great examples, again, of how our community and we at TLC, “Support our Troops.”

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