Moving On

Having fallen on hard times as a single mother of two, Priscilla called 2-1-1, which resulted in a referral to TLC. When entering the program, her biggest obstacle was her dependence on others, especially her mother. TLC has helped her on a path towards self-sufficiency.

She says, “I got courage, and Steven (her case manager) gave me hope that I could make it and meet my goals.” During her time at TLC, Priscilla fulfilled her goal of receiving a GED diploma, which she was able to complete through online studies. She also received her driver’s license. These first steps are just the beginning of her plans and goals as she looks to provide a better life for herself and her two sons. Priscilla’s hope for her sons is that when they get older, they finish school, and that they learn from her experience.

They both enjoyed being at TLC, having friends they saw every day, and “they liked Mr. Doug (Doug Hopwood, TLC’s Division Manager).”

The best advice Priscilla would give someone is that “it takes some time, but don’t feel hopeless. You can do it. I did it, and you can too.” She recommends TLC to anyone in a situation like hers.

As Priscilla looks back at her time at TLC, she is thankful for how the staff has pushed her to meet her goals. She wants people to know that she is now a strong person. “I’m a go-getter. My experience was amazing, it was different than anything I experienced before, and I loved being at TLC.”

Having graduated from the TLC program, Priscilla and her sons are moving into an apartment next week. Her next goal is to go to college and after graduation, find a position in the medical field, possibly as an ultrasound technician.

To the donors or anyone who helps TLC, she says “Thank you. Everything that each person does is such a big help, and we appreciate it.”

Finally, Priscilla reflects, “The best thing about TLC is the people; they’re so kind. It’s like having a family. They make you feel like you’re not alone.”

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