ExtraOrdinary Thanks!

In this week’s blog we give a big shout out to the Lancaster County Community Foundation (LCCF). The LCCF held their 2017 Annual Gathering last evening at the Rock Lititz. As always it was a fun evening but more importantly we got to hear as a community, all the great things that have come together, been initiated and encouraged by the LCCF in and for Lancaster. While they are always very happy to give the credit to the community and all the people that make up this great community—we, at TLC/Veterans’ Victory House Lancaster are here to say thanks to you for getting us together and being leaders in promoting Lancaster and its genuine generosity and greatness.

To our TLC friends, volunteers and donors we encourage you to help us, help the LCCF ExtraOrdinary Give, set a new donation mark this year on November 17, 2017 by donating. Also, equally important to remember that you can make life lasting investments in and for TLC through the LCCF to insure that our goal of ending homelessness is continued and one day met.

Thank you Lancaster County Community Foundation for all of your hard work and efforts that help so many, truly it is your foundation that is extraordinary!

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