It's never too late to make a planned gift

Thirty-something artist, musician, and world traveler, Marshall Fischer sat down with us recently, while he was on hiatus from teaching English in Japan, to talk about why he chose to provide a planned gift to Tabor.

Marshall initially heard about Tabor through friends that came to Tabor for help with their financial situation. Then he volunteered and was soon hired to work with marketing and communications in the development department.

Marshall elected to make Tabor the beneficiary of his retirement account. He felt it was the way that he could give the most and make the biggest impact. “I can’t touch the retirement account until I retire,” he reasoned. “So if I go before then [or before it is all distributed], Tabor will get the money.” In the meantime, the account will continue to grow. Making Tabor the beneficiary was a simple process. He talked to his financial institution and the staff at Tabor, explained what he wanted to do, signed on the line and “that was it!”

One experience gave Marshall a unique perspective on how Tabor helps the community. He was assigned an interview with a former TLC client. TLC is a program of Tabor. As Marshall tells it, “I asked her what her impressions were when she first came to TLC. She said, ‘I wondered if these people were really going to help me,’ because she’d never gotten help before. Knowing that someone’s reality is that no one has ever helped them, and they are finally able to get help and better themselves and be part of society … that was really chilling to me, really moving to hear someone say that … and satisfying that they were finally able to get help. That made an impression on me.

“I hope Tabor can continue to do the work that it does, that it will continue to help the community. And by contributing I hope my legacy will be that I helped to make change in the community. With Tabor being the beneficiary, actually, Tabor’s clients and the community will be the biggest beneficiaries. That’s a satisfying and rewarding place to be.

“I would tell anyone who is thinking of making a planned gift, ‘If you want to make a difference and you value helping people and your community, it’s a no brainer that Tabor is the place to do that. They are good stewards of your resources, and they do their work with integrity. If you want to help make a change now or after you are gone, then I would say Tabor is the place to do that.


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