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Without you, we would not be here to do what we do—ending homelessness, one person, one family, and one Veteran at a time. In today’s blog I want to mention three such partners that recently are making a difference.

As many of you are very aware, we work in a very old building—over 100 years old. And being over capacity most of the time, things break. One thing you do not want to go down is an air conditioner, especially at this time of the year. A month or so ago I was approached by a member of the Church of Apostles, who had remembered we had to shut down rooms because of this very issue. As I said, we are at capacity most of the time (105 individuals including 44 kids presently). Broken air conditioners cause us to not be able to house some people due to room closures. Well, I went to the Church of the Apostles two weeks ago and made a presentation with Jewelz, a former participant and now an employee at TLC, during their services. They were kind enough to pass the word on to another church down the road—Salem UCC—and Jewelz and I made the trip out to speak with them too. We are extremely blessed and happy to report that at this date, 80% of our first goal of $15,000 has been met, and we hope to have the air conditioners in shortly. THANK YOU Church of the Apostles and Salem UCC and your generous Outreach committees and congregants!

Secondly, AspenDental held a free dental exam and cleaning day for residents a week ago. One of our participants in our Veterans’ Victory House took them up on their offer. That is Anthony in the picture above. While Anthony was very happy to have an exam and cleaning done, he knew, and Aspen confirmed, that he needed partials. Anthony expressed that he did not have dental coverage at his job and certainly not the money to pay for it, so Aspen is agreeing to work something out with him and get this taken care of—another great community partner. YAY AspenDental!

These are but two stories of community partnerships—you allow us to do what we do and assist so many more individuals, families, and Veterans with a housing crisis. Thank you one and all!

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