Can you imagine struggling not to do something during every waking hour of your life, day after day, week after week? That is just one of many struggles faced by a recovering addict.

Even if they have been clean, they may still have the urge and desire to use. Some people in recovery have mentors and sponsors and go to multiple meetings to help them get through the day.

Each year on our birthday, we celebrate another year. People in recovery, however, celebrate just getting another day, with the hope that each day becomes a week; the weeks become a month; and the months become a YEAR. A former participant at TLC recently came in and asked to see me. When I came upstairs and saw who it was, I was so excited to see her. When our eyes met she said, “Wendi, do you know what today is?" She said “IT’S A BIG DAY—1 year clean!” Both with tears in our eyes, we celebrated with a hug. She then began to tell me that she has been reunited with her children and also has a steady job in which she has been recently promoted.

Success means different things to different people, and housing is the goal at TLC. TLC helps people with the journey to get to housing. As you can tell by reading this story, the journey is different for everyone. TLC is a great place to be able to walk alongside people throughout the process of finding affordable, sustainable, and safe housing.

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