Big weekend at TLC, but bigger for the households moving out

Success at TLC is measured in many ways. But the ultimate outcome of our program is to have our households residing here successfully move into permanent housing.

Last weekend was an enormous move-out weekend. The moving started on Thursday and was completed (98%) by Monday. First, a mom with a young man with autism moved into a very nice City apartment owned by Chestnut Housing Corporation, a program of East Chestnut Street Mennonite. ECSMC has always been a friend to TLC, but larger than that, a friend to the Lancaster Coalition to End Homelessness (LCCEH) by actively managing apartments and allowing for affordable rents. Frank (Superman) and I moved 2 beds, 2 dressers, a kitchen table, an air conditioner, and chairs to the third floor apartment (on what I might say was the hottest, muggiest day in quite some time). They are now safe and very happy in their new digs.

Second, a young family with a daughter was moved into an apartment right across the river, in Wrightsville. Mom had just acquired a job, and with the help of the LCCEH providing a security deposit and first month’s rent, this family too is happy, safe, and sound.

Our last, but certainly not least, household—mom and dad and 4 young men—moved into a nice house in Columbia. Another community partner, Off the Streets, was able to help with the security deposit, and that, coupled with dad’s job, allowed for this successful transition to housing. Again, Frank and I went into our storage units, where many of your furniture donations are stored, and supplied them with lots of furniture and household items to get started. A successful weekend indeed!

Suffice it to say, YOU—the community and our community partners in the fight against homelessness—allow these great moments to happen. Your monetary and in-kind donations, along with your giving of time, have given 3 families a new, fresh start in their own housing. Thank you one and all.

If you have any furniture you would like to donate, please contact Doug Hopwood at

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