Wanting to help those in need

The Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) Adult Nursing program has been coming once a week to TLC for 8 years now; they actually have their class here that night. They have been incredibly valuable to us and more importantly to those who reside here. The nurses provide weekly health screenings for our participants to check blood pressures, weights, baby observations, etc. One student’s recent observation:

"My initial reaction/thoughts about TLC started even before I even stepped foot into TLC. When I first heard about TLC and what it was all about, I was very excited. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to help those in need—whether it be homeless people, those in jail/prison, or children in the foster care system. The idea of TLC seemed perfect to me, and stepping foot into the door did not let me down. First thing after meeting Mrs. Lookofsky was meeting Doug. I remember thinking what a laid back and understanding guy he was; it made me happy to know that a guy like this was in charge of TLC. His responses to my questions made me realize how much respect and compassion he had for the participants of TLC. I asked him what his rules were about people coming into the building intoxicated. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say that they did not kick them out or even negatively reprimand them, but instead try to help them get sober. The second part of the night that had a huge impact on me, and I don't think I will ever forget, is walking into one of the rooms in TLC. To anyone else it probably did not seem like much, it was just a small room with two beds and a tiny bathroom. But to me, I saw more than that. I remember thinking what this tiny room had meant to so many people. This room was safety and peace and so many things. It made me very emotional to think about all of the hundreds of people that have walked through those doors and the feelings that they must have had doing so. Besides all of the emotions and feelings I had personally about TLC, I felt that it was a very nice, well kept, and organized place. They had very strict, but reasonable, rules and policies. All of the people I met that night impacted me and left an impression that I will remember for a long time."

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