Free & Clear with help from TLC

"My experience in the RMO and getting paroled to TLC has proved to be very beneficial. I received help in almost all aspects of my life.

“When I got here I didn’t have anything. I didn’t have an ID or social security card. I wasn’t even allowed to use the library. I owned one pair of jeans. Everything else was issued to me from the jail. I applied for several jobs. Even Allegiance Staffing and McDonalds wouldn’t hire me. That news got met with patience and tolerance. Because of that and a minimum of necessary rules, I wanted to do well.

“Today I have a job and I completed a semester of college. Being at TLC is the best opportunity I’ve had in my life, at least in recent years. And I encourage anyone to take advantage of this place.” — Tom

The TLC program receives referrals from the Lancaster County Re-entry Management Organization (RMO). The Mission of the Lancaster County Re-entry Management Organization is to achieve safer communities through reduced recidivism by providing support and assistance to transitioning inmates through an intentional network of faith-based and community organizations in partnership with the criminal justice system.

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