Finding hope

This past year has been difficult for Jackie. She is a single mother of a four-year-old autistic son, Kai, and suffers from bipolar disorder. Last September, she was hospitalized after she attempted to end her life. Upon her release from the hospital, she stayed in a women’s shelter before eventually being referred to TLC, a program of Tabor Community Services. Throughout this period her aunt cared for Kai.

In March, being in a much better place, Jackie was reunited with Kai and they moved into TLC. Getting back on her feet, and with help from Tabor’s Rapid ReHousing Program and a Housing Location Specialist at Tabor, Jackie found the apartment where she and Kai currently live.

TLC was able to support Jackie during this transition by supplying donated food and furniture for her new apartment (Do you have gently used furniture to donate to TLC? Please contact Doug at Throughout this process, Tabor and TLC empowered Jackie to financially prepare herself by helping her better manage her money, and actually be able to save, which had always been a challenge to her.

“At TLC, Steven, Doug and Jewelz helped me so much.” Going through this transitional period in her life, Jackie has become more humble and grateful and has learned how to ask for help. She says, “Tabor’s programs are set up for helping their clients succeed.”

As Jackie looks toward a brighter future, her goals include getting a job, starting to drive, and helping Kai have a better life. This is a work in progress as Kai will attend IU13 and Shreiber Pediatric Clinic, where he will receive speech therapy and occupational therapy. For anyone who falls on hard times, Jackie says, “Go to Tabor. They will find help for you. And don’t give up hope. Be strong, and ask for help. During this process you’re going to grow.”

“The goal for all of our families is to find safe, secure housing, and Jackie did this so that she can continue to take the steps she did at TLC in moving forward." -Steven Pagden, MSW, TLC Case Manager

To the staff and donors of TLC and Tabor, Jackie says, “Thank you. Everyone has been such a big help in getting my life back together. I now know what to do, when to do it, and where I need to go for help.”

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