Winter is coming

These beautiful fall days and crisp nights are perfect for being outdoors for those of us with roofs over our heads. The 50 + people living outdoors in Lancaster are also enjoying a break from the extreme heat and pounding rain.

However, autumn leads to winter and winter brings with it a new set of challenges. A few will seek shelter this winter but a good number of folks are bracing for what’s to come.

Our greatest need this winter is for the following items: long underwear, winter coats, wool socks and knit hats but most of all SLEEPING BAGS.

Fortunately we have a retailer in Lancaster that is willing to give us a good price on sub-zero sleeping bags. If you are interested in providing sleeping bags, please send a check to TLC (P.O. Box 1676, Lancaster, PA 17608-1676) with “sleeping bags” in the memo line or you can give online and put "sleeping bags" under "Which program would you like to donate to?"

If you would like to donate coats or winter clothes, they can be dropped off at TLC. The Homeless Outreach Worker will make sure the winter clothes you provide and the sleeping bags you purchase go to those most deserving.

Thank you from all of us at TLC.

#SleepingBags #Homelessness

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