A Veteran Tells His Story

My name is Lyle and I am a veteran of the US Navy and formerly a homeless veteran who was fortunate enough to reside at, and take part in the programs provided by, the Veterans’ Victory House at TLC.

As I look back on my life now from a more objective position, I realize I became homeless in 2003. I didn’t admit it to myself because in my mind I couldn’t fathom the fact that a college educated man with so much to offer could be unemployed and homeless.

Sheila was assigned as my case worker. Sheila and I hit it off from the first moment I met her. She demonstrated a sincere concern for my well-being without being overly gushy about it. She was honest and realistic at every turn and was encouraging in all aspects. She called me out when I was being unrealistic and gave me pep talks when I needed them.

My relationship with Sheila, Maggie, Doug and the other staff at TLC was a very important part of my stay at TLC. When I was asked what the most important and significant thing about what TLC and the VVH did for me I would have to say they gave me a safe and stable place to live. Although I was homeless, I had a safe place to stay. I didn’t feel the threat of being evicted because I couldn’t pay my rent.

Because of the safety and security I found at VVH, I was able to regain some dignity and rebuild my self confidence by achieving small victories. Sheila, Maggie and Doug were always encouraging and helped me recognize the significance of these small victories rather than allowing me to feel discouraged at what I perceived as a lack of progress.

I have officially moved into a rented house and was no longer a “homeless” veteran. Today I am a veteran.

There are many more people to thank but without Tabor, TLC and the VVH, I would not be on the road to continued recovery and re-entry into the work force.

#VeteransVictoryHouse #EndingVeteransHomelessness

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