Thought for Veterans Day

Dear Veterans,

Those of us who have not served will never fully understand the sacrifices you’ve made both in times of peace and of war. We will never fully understand what you were required to do or how you were able to do it. We will never fully understand the depth of your scars. But what we can offer you is this - we see you, we recognize your humanity, and we send you LOVE that is gentle, patient and healing.

With blessings and gratitude, we ask that you remember you are loved. Thank You.

In the last 10 years, Veterans' Victory House and our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program at TLC, has helped over 500 Veterans. Individuals, couples and families, avoid homelessness or assist in getting them back to permanent housing. We thank all that have contributed to this cause and all who pray for our Veterans and our program daily.

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