Generosity & Selflessness

For the third year in a row, members and friends of the Christ Covenant Church in Conestoga blessed those experiencing homelessness with a tremendous display of generosity and selflessness. This “small in number but mighty in spirit” congregation makes it their annual mission to raise money for “outreach bags” which contain hats, socks, gloves, toiletries, and snacks.

They distribute these bags on the Friday after Thanksgiving while also ministering to those they serve in their genuine, down-to-earth manner. This year, they raised enough money to fill 100 bags and within 2 hours they were all distributed to the very appreciative folks who came to the “Conestoga Service Wagon.”

A few minutes after they started distributing the bags, a young couple with a small child came forward and asked if they had sleeping bags. The young parents explained that they were living outdoors but that their daughter could stay with family until they got back on their feet. Hearing this request, two women from the church drove to a local store, purchased ten sleeping bags, gave them to the parents then gave the rest to the outreach worker who will distribute them to others needing protection from the cold.

This selfless act epitomizes what this congregation is all about. They are living their faith as the joy and faith they exhibit during this annual outreach is evident to all who witness it. Thank you to the Christ Covenant Church in Conestoga for exemplifying how we all can make a difference.

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