Believing In Yourself

My most memorable moment at TLC was orientation. I arrived a wreck, alone and desperate...

After filling out the application, my first thought was, “Ms. Sheila (former TLC case manager) would never take an interest in me.” There were so many others in need. I sat, patiently waiting for my interview and tried to hold back my tears,but they came anyway. When she told me to come back on Monday my tears turned to tears of joy. After my intake appointment, Ms. Sheila took me upstairs and showed me my new temporary residence. It was a lovely room and Ms. Sheila said “here you can rest your mind, body and spirit.” She gave me a hug and I settled in.

The next day I awoke with a positive mindset for the first time in a very long time. I enrolled in a CNA class, and worked two jobs. I was scared I would fail, but Ms. Sheila believed in me … I had to believe in me, too. Only two were hired from the class. I was one of them. I learned how to manage my money through what Ms. Sheila called the envelope system. I took Life Skills classes which were very helpful.

Yes, TLC is where you get an opportunity called a chance, a fresh start, the ability to reconnect. I came to TLC broke and broken. I am leaving with a profession, money I have saved and moving into a wonderful house I can call my own. Step by step … day by day… goal by goal …I will be forever grateful. Thank you, TLC. God has chosen His soldiers well. You are my heroes.

-- Frankie, former TLC resident

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