One Year

A Gulf War veteran and his fiancée who have been working with Tabor’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program were able to purchase a starter home this month when one year ago they were literally homeless and sleeping in their vehicle. What a difference a year has made for this veteran family. Last winter they relocated back to their native Lancaster County and found themselves without a place to stay, and having no source of income at that time, they spent about 30 cold nights sleeping in their truck before calling the Lebanon VA Medical Center for help. They were connected to the VA Outreach Worker, then to the SSVF program on site at TLC, and from there were assisted with obtaining rental housing and with connections made to various community services.

Through the course of the year that followed the veteran received health care from the LVAMC including a prosthetic eye along with other services. Through the Lancaster County Office of Veteran Affairs the veteran applied for and was awarded a VA Pension based on Gulf War service; this pension payment was what allowed the family to purchase a home. The family was also supported with food, toiletries, clothing, and gas cards, all from donations made to TLC from the generous people of this County.

Last week, with a UHAUL full of donated furnishings, the veteran family made their way to their new home and to an increased level of self-sufficiency. They extended many thanks to all who have made their journey from homelessness to housing possible, and so we extend that thanks to the people of Lancaster County who have donated their own time, talents, and treasures to TLC, making all of our work possible. In the words of the veteran himself “I hope you understand the positive impact you have on people’s lives”… and so we share that message with you and say a heartfelt thank you for supporting TLC as we support others.

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