The Letter of Undying Gratitude

It seems like only yesterday I walked through the doors of TLC afraid of the world and everything it represented.

My own self-destructive behavior is what caused my residency at a TLC and as ironic as it may sound it was, it still is one of the best experiences of my life.

I remember sitting in Doug’s office and being asked by Wendi and him, “'How do you need us to help you, Jewelz?' My response was 'I don’t know, I just don’t want to go back to what I just left.'”

I had no real education and because of TLC, and all the extraordinary programs that TLC has to offer I am pursuing a master’s degree in college today. I had no place to call my own and you introduced me to a friend of yours who I now rent my very own apartment from. I remember Doug calling me on an early Sunday morning asking, “What would be a good time to deliver the furniture we have for you?” I cannot remember the last time I cried so much because my darkest moments finally did not appear to be dark anymore.

When I was asked would I be interested in a position at TLC, I did not hesitate. TLC, not only gave me the opportunity for a brand new life, but it is because of you I am no longer afraid of it.

Jewelz is now a valued member of the TLC staff, working full time as our midnight to 8 AM Program Reporting Assistant for a year now and is in her 3rd year of studies for her Master’s degree in Social Behavioral Science.

Thank You For All That You Do Jewelz!

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