Community Partner: KPETS

At TLC, we partner with many, many fine organizations in Lancaster County and beyond. From time to time, we will highlight one of them in this blog. We will start with KPETS.

KPETS stands for Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services. KPETS is a network of registered volunteer teams who partner with their companion animal(s) to provide comfort, encouragement and rehabilitation through human/animal interactions. Serving local communities in health-related facilities, social agencies, special-needs programs, schools, libraries, retirement communities and hospices, KPETS teams readily visit wherever the human/animal connection may be beneficial. KPETS services are free of charge. Established in 2003, KPETS has grown into an organization with more than 375 volunteer teams, providing over 10,000 visits of animal assisted therapy to over 300 facilities every year. While the majority of the animals are dogs, KPETS also uses cats, mini horses and pigs in its therapy services.

At TLC, Bernie (pictured) is here most Fridays. The difference in the attitudes and the smiles he brings to the faces of our participants, both young and older, is instantly seen when he bounds through the door, tail wagging. There have been times, over the years, that he has sat in on appointments with case managers with people very reluctant to open up. Just by his presence and usually while petting him, people feel more at ease and begin to tell their story. This organization’s value to the community is priceless in its impact in the lives of so many, and certainly to all here at TLC.

KPETS is holding its annual banquet on Sunday, March 18, 2018. To learn more of the great work KPETS does, support the organization or to attend the banquet, please visit,

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