New Beginnings in the New Year

Mindy was homeless and a victim of domestic violence when she came to TLC with her three children, a daughter and two sons. She had previous experiences living in shelters. But when she came to TLC, it was different. Initially she admits to having a “chip on my shoulder” and feeling like “here we go again.” After a few weeks, she realized that “these people care.” TLC gave her the opportunities to be where she is today.

Mindy will always remember Christmas 2017. For the first time in her 30+ years she saw her children happier than ever before, with smiles on their faces and those of all the other children at TLC.

Mindy offers these words of encouragement to others who are considering going into TLC, “Go in with an open mind. People are here to help you get on your feet. This can be a new beginning. If you are responsible for what you need to do to make the process work and with TLC’s help, you will be successful.”

When asked what three words Mindy would use to describe TLC, she responds, “tender, loving, and caring. I thank all the staff at TLC, especially Steven, Wendi and Doug. It was the start of a journey for me and my children.”

In less than six months, Mindy and her children moved into permanent housing in January. She has a job, a car, and is able to provide for her children. “I couldn’t ask for much more.” What better way to start the New Year.


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