Bridging homelessness to housing, serving the needs of our community

Over 10,000 people have come through our doors to receive help in ways big or small. For some, we readily see the results of the seeds planted. For others, the seeds planted here blossom in the future.

TLC is a place where many folks can turn, not only for housing, but for a listening ear and reassuring words. The rich and diverse population we assist includes: different cultures; all ages, from birth to seniors; veterans returning from war, citizens re-entering society after prison; two-parent families and single moms and dads with children; those dealing with addiction or mental health challenges; and those looking to survive long term unemployment.

Each group tests the flexibility and strength of our services and we are up to the challenge. As we focus on helping participants rapidly move to permanent housing, we are collaborating with more community partners, volunteers and individuals than ever before in an effort to help them take that step.

We know that Lancaster County citizens, organizations and businesses are integral partners in developing solutions to end homelessness both now and in the future.

We are blessed to live in a caring community. We take the stewardship of your gifts, time and resources very seriously. And we need your continued help, as donors, volunteers and friends, in these uncertain times. Now more than ever, TLC is focused on serving the needs of the greater Lancaster community as we address the challenges of homelessness. Of one thing you can be assured when giving your time or resources to TLC: each person with whom we work will be met with a foundation of caring. Caring is the basis from which all successful families and communities are built.

Caring throughout our program - from participants and staff - is our commitment to you, our TLC friends. We thank each and every one of you for all you do for TLC and the community.

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