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Sometimes by helping out, it is rewarding to find out others find your work important, vital, and life changing. This happened last Friday when I volunteered to help out at the Lancaster Roots and Blues. I met Vanessa Collier, a phenomenal singer, sax, and guitar player, and her band.

As we were unloading, it was discovered that the band's van did not fit in the parking garage so we provided space in our TLC parking lot. Though we only talked briefly, it became readily apparent that Vanessa has a passion for helping those experiencing homelessness (see her Facebook post below).

Vanessa, loved the show and your brilliant voice. Please know that if you are ever back in Lancaster (and we hope that is soon)—we have a parking spot for you and will give you a tour of our facility. Thank you for helping us raise awareness of the issue that we fight to end and the good work of the fantabulous team at TLC.

Vanessa's Facebook post:

A huge thank you to all you wonderful energetic people who came out last night to pack the house at Lancaster Roots and Blues at Tellus360!! A huge thank you to the volunteers who make everything possible!!

I really wanted to mention this last night, so please take a moment and read this: I met Doug, one of the volunteers at Lancaster Roots and Blues who was sooo helpful in loading our gear in and out of the van last night and just generally being awesome and upbeat. Doug started telling me about TLC where he works, which is a veterans and homeless family shelter - the ONLY one in the area that allows families to stay together instead of separating by gender. They also support all relationships and families, not just traditional definitions of them. This is such an important change that needs to be made with most shelters. That idea that veterans and families who have have no homes have to then separate from the only family they know in most shelters is a blind spot in our system. It’s a topic I’m truly passionate about addressing and keeping my ears open to ideas. So, meeting Doug last night was like synchronicity at work. I wanted to mention the immense work that they do from the stage and encourage the support of family shelters because of how important it is for better communities and because of much it means to me. It takes a community to take care of all of its members and I encourage you to support TLC Lancaster and other family shelters in keeping families together and safe and cared for! If anybody has any suggestions on how to get involved, please comment! #community #village #familyshelters #care #kindness#efficacy #pulltogether

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