After Homelessness Comes Healing

Imagine becoming homeless when your rent is actually current… Imagine all the emotions you experience... frustration, hopelessness, failure. Tracy experienced these, and many more feelings, as she and her two children faced a very uncertain future.

“It seems unreal that my rent was paid up but we were forced to leave,” Tracy says. Her rent was paid, but she couldn’t afford to pay her utilities. When they were shut off, the house became condemned.

Forced to move out, Tracy came to TLC searching for a place where she could focus on her children and healing. Having just come through an unhealthy relationship and a strenuous divorce, Tracy was emotionally and spiritually exhausted. Her world had collapsed and she needed a support network to help get her back on her feet. “I felt betrayed by the one I loved— I felt useless.”

Tracy wanted to try and stand on her own two feet and not burden her family. Tracy found in TLC a place she could stay with her children that was affordable and safe.

The staff was there to listen and empower Tracy to take charge of her life again and move forward. “TLC is what you make of it,” says Tracy. “It’s a stepping stone and it helps clients keep their pride.”

Tracy moved out of TLC, is working full-time, and focused on starting a new life. She has gained her spirit and self-confidence back. Her warm smile and gentle spirit is infectious. Tracy is such a giving, kind person and her excitement to help others through her experience is evident. “If someone can be helped by what I went through, then it has all been worth it.”

Tracy has moved into an apartment that was bought by First Presbyterian Church (FBC) on Orange Street, and renovated by Ron Munro (a life long supporter of TLC's). Ron is a member of the FBC on Orange Street and donated his time fixing up the property.

“I feel so blessed,” Tracy says. “Ron is a wonderful, kind man and I am so grateful for all the work he has done.” She is also grateful to Ron’s wife, Barb, who helped add a feminine touch and warmth to the apartment— picking out paint colors, decorating with curtains, etc.

Tracy attributes her strength and spirit to her grandmother, Matilda, who has since passed. “Whenever I feel myself slipping, her voice pops into my head.”

Tracy’s story illustrates that we truly can learn and help others through any situation we experience— we all have the capacity to touch others with our story.

#Affor #Endinghomelessness

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