Days Like This

The work we do—Veterans, families, and singles alike:

The life of the people that make it happen—

In this line of work, we have good days and bad days - today was a GOOD day!

Miaia Adam*'s and her family came to SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) Prevention with over $8,000 in rental arrears that occurred over a multi-month time period, and the landlord charged ridiculous late fees which kept the amount high (he would not budge on them when I tried to work out a plan with him).

In the past 90 days, between SSVF financial assistance, PA Wounded Warriors, the Salvation Army, and the family’s income tax return, this household is currently paid in full and free of arrears that had plagued them for the past year.

I just spoke with Miaia, who said she and Robby and their 3 kids had an ice cream party last night to celebrate this, and the fact that they now have two incomes and a balanced household budget with close to $500 left each month! I can’t tell you how happy I am for them, and for being able to leverage our resources for folks in this county…and that we could help SOLVE a problem rather than band-aid one.

Yay for SSVF, TLC, Veterans’ Victory House, and the community and—congrats to Marge M. for running a fantabulous program and making this happen!

*name changed for privacy

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