Anonymous Giving

Anonymous giving—many of our TLC friends pop in our doors or mail us an anonymous gift. That gift is most often given without any expectation of a thank you or a story of where it went, it was just given from the heart.

Today the following happened about 30 minutes ago (about 1 PM). Our Community Homeless Outreach Worker, Guy had asked for a gift card for a gentleman he was assisting. We had some on hand because of our donors. Many times we think nothing of $10, but that was obviously not the case with this gentleman, Guy was assisting.

"I gave him the $10 gift card and said, 'it isn’t much but it’s something.' He took it, got a huge smile and said 'it’s everything.'"

To you, our friends at TLC, you are everything—all gifts small and large, through your time, talents and treasures mean everything to us, but most importantly to the people we walk beside in their quest for permanent housing. Thank you, each and every one of you.

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