A Hopeful Future

Justin served in the United States Army for nine years. He was stationed in Pennsylvania, New York, and completed a tour in Afghanistan. After his time in the Army, he experienced a situation where he did not know where he would be able to stay in the near future. Despite reaching out to countless organizations, taking any and all initiatives that he could, he received little to no help.

To make his situation more difficult, he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Upon his release, now having nowhere to live, Justin was experiencing homelessness. Fortunately, he learned about TLC’s Veterans’ Victory House through Lancaster’s Veterans Court and soon after moved in.

Justin admits that when first entering TLC, it was difficult for him to adjust to the new environment. He didn’t know anyone, and opening up and asking for help was incredibly difficult. Additionally, he was struggling with other issues and this wasn’t an experience that he was familiar with or ever had to go through before.

Justin recounts, “The staff was great helping me cope with things, getting me the support I needed.” Looking back at where he was and where he is today, Justin is thankful for all of the help and support of the staff. It was evident to him that they genuinely cared and wanted him to be successful. He is also thankful for the mental health professional that he was connected with through TLC. “It’s just been huge in life.”

Knowing that he is in a much better place today, Justin offers advice to others who may be currently going through the struggles that he previously dealt with. “Swallow your pride, realize that there are people who care, and take the support that’s given. Don’t push it away … thinking you can do it on your own isn’t always the best.”

Justin recently moved from TLC into his own apartment. TLC supported him through the process and today he is ready to live an independent and self-sufficient life, has a new job, and is excited and hopeful for his future.

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