Families Must Stay Together

It is our belief, families must stay together—

The current landscape of events have made one of TLC’s core values stand out even more than usual. As many of you know, one thing that sets TLC apart from other shelters is that we believe it to be essential to keep families together as they work through barriers to return to permanent housing.

The rally last night on S. Duke Street reinforced that belief. We certainly support the belief that all families need to remain together as they work through whatever life is throwing at them, unless, of course, there are safety issues for anyone in that family. In the picture, kids from Lancaster last night at a Lancaster Stands Up event, express themselves creatively and peacefully in their support of fellow children miles away, that they do not know, but somehow innately understand that their support is meaningful.

Here at TLC we are blessed to see many families each and every day, and oftentimes it is the children that brighten up our days. Over 35 families, this year alone. In the picture, Amani, Rebel and I were working on our ABC’s before Mom takes them and their brother and sister off to camp this morning, and she attends a job interview. Locally, in the City of Lancaster, with the unfortunate events surrounding some housing closures, TLC has stepped up and has a family living here, working to get back into their own, safe permanent housing.

To all our TLC friends, we will remain steadfast in our belief and support of the family unit, and the strength, support and love it provides. Thank you one and all for sharing that belief.


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