Helping Neighbors

TLC/Veterans’ Victory House gives back to the community that supports them!

Every year the Musser Park Civic Association holds a day-long 4th of July celebration. For the past several years participants at TLC have been asked to volunteer to assist in the festivities. Below is the President of the Association's show of thanks for this help.

Thanks very much for sending volunteers to help at the Musser Park Civic Association's Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration. They made a significant contribution to the success of our annual event which, as you know, serves as a fundraiser so that we may maintain and even enhance the beauty of the park.

One person, FS, was particularly helpful throughout the day. He arrived early, helped move and set up the tents, tables, chairs, and children's games. At the end of the festivities, he assisted in disassembling everything and helped me deliver some leftover bottled water and food to TLC and Veterans' Victory House. I commend FS for his work ethic and will to help his neighbors.

Thanks very much for helping us with your volunteers, and especially FS!

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