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Tijuan and Josh moved into an apartment two months after being forced to leave a condemned property. Tijuan and Josh, along with the help of many moved into their apartment this past Saturday. As you can hear in the video, Tijuan thanks a lot of people and organizations for making this possible and allowing him to be the dad he needs to be for his son. Especially cool, is his reference to growing roots in a city, Lancaster, that he is calling his best family ever.

Check out the video below and learn about Tijuan's story!

"Not one day have I been homeless this whole ordeal and I find that terrific. I want to thank the people of Lancaster, the city of Lancaster because if this situation would have never came into light, I would have never had the opportunity that I have right now. And I want to thank everybody, thank the people at the Hearthside program and Tabor, Ms. Gracie for helping me find this apartment. I want to thank Doug and I want to thank Jen and everyone at TLC for just being there when somebody needed. It was like a big family. I don’t have no family in Lancaster and it seems like the city of Lancaster became my family, with all these organizations that set me on the right path and now me and my son have a chance to prosper and I’m thankful. I’m in a better situation now because I have stability. I have roots. I have roots that are starting to be dug into the ground and we’re going to build this tree to stand up tall and strong."

TLC/Tabor programs mentioned in the video:

*TLC: TLC, a program of Tabor Community Services, helps individuals, couples and families experiencing homelessness to achieve their housing stability and self-sufficiency goals. Working to end homelessness is essential for an inclusive, growing and vibrant community.

*CHART: CHART’s mission is to provide coordinated assessment and referral services for all persons experiencing homelessness in Lancaster County.

*Hearthside: Tabor’s Hearthside Program is a permanent supportive housing program which serves families who are experiencing homelessness, have one family member living with a disability, have at least one school-aged child. The goals of the Hearthside Program are to support families in sustaining their permanent housing through increasing the family’s income and strengthening their community and natural support system, and by ensuring that children are attending school and having the opportunity to achieve academic success.

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