From the eyes of Bernie and my time at TLC

My name is can call me Bernie, I'm Doug Hopwood's (Divison Manager of TLC/Veterans' Victory House Lancaster) dog and I'm a registered KPETS therapy dog.

I usually get to come to TLC about once a week, usually on Fridays. When I show up, I very excitedly run from office to office looking for treats. I love treats!

My real fun though is with all the people I see, from babies to 80’s, I like to say. The kids love to pet me and I’ve got to say, I love it cause I can get tons of belly rubs. As soon as people see me and my wagging tail (I hear people ask if it ever stops—no it doesn’t) they immediately cheer up. There are times when I meet people who I’m told don’t talk or aren't very friendly, but they talk to me and are very friendly!

Sometimes I get to go to the bank to make the TLC deposit and they give me treats as well.

Fridays are a great day for me when I come to TLC. The staff, participants and volunteers all seem to be happier when I’m around—and that makes me very happy!

I love TLC and being a part of the great work they do (and yes, I am on the website as a staff member). I hope everyone at TLC/Veterans' Victory House Lancaster gets their own housing and if they want and are allowed a faithful four-legged friend, comrade and ally like me!

Sincerely, Bernard T. McElhaney


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