Goodbye Friend

Unfortunately this week TLC/Veterans’ Victory House Lancaster, lost a participant, Ataullah A. Rahman II.

The following was part of the announcement at the funeral service, held on Wednesday. Ata served in the US Navy from 2003-2007. He was an avid Eagles fan, and enjoyed watching his nephews play football. He also loved playing card games, board games, and spending time with his family. Whenever you saw Ata, he had that notorious big smile on his face.

At TLC we shared similar sentiments-- It is incredibly difficult to hear that a life so young could be over when just yesterday we were listening to him laugh and talk with us.

Please respect this man’s life lived in service to his country and pray and/or wish strength and love to his family as they work through this tragedy. God’s eternal peace, Ataullah.

We are sure Ata is in a better place than earth and will be rooting those Eagles on tonight.

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