Isn’t it great to get a “blast from the past moment” that makes us slow down and reflect on something good that happened for someone in life?

About 18 months ago, the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program worked with a Lancaster County veteran household that was on the verge of homelessness. The household was behind on rent and was experiencing other problematic situations that were causing serious instability with their housing. Over the course of several months, the SSVF staff and the family worked diligently on several goals and collaborated with other agencies in the county in order to address and resolve many of the barriers to stability that the family was experiencing.

When it was time for the household to be done working with SSVF staff, they were current with all household expenses, had the income to sustain housing costs, and had rededicated themselves to strict budgeting practices. This past week, the SSVF staff had a phone message from this combat veteran asking for a call back. With some amount of trepidation and fearing that there was a new housing issue, staff returned the call and learned that the veteran and his family were doing well and wanted information on credit repair and debt management in order to reach a goal of homeownership. With great joy, SSVF staff provided information for Tabor’s Ann B. Barshinger Financial Empowerment Center and explained how it could help with all of the things the household wanted to accomplish. After catching up on the positive things the veteran and his family had been part of in the year since they had phased out of SSVF services, staff congratulated the veteran on his accomplishments and wished him well in the future. The SSVF staff at TLC remains thankful for all of our veterans and their service, and is always thankful to learn of their continued accomplishments in life.

Written by Marge Mowrer, Program Coordinator Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), served in the US Army

SSVF program’s mission is to assist veteran households who are currently experiencing homelessness with rapid re-housing services so they may quickly regain stability in housing, as well as to provide services to those at risk of losing housing to prevent them from entering homelessness.

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