Dear Friends of TLC

This has been a season of change here at Tabor. In April we experienced a leadership transition with the departure of Division Manager Doug Hopwood and Operations Manager Wendi Horst. We are grateful for Doug and Wendi’s dedication and their contributions to many participants’ success over the years.

Roger Steffy, our Vice President for Programs, has been doing an admirable job as the Interim Division Manager for TLC/Veterans Victory House. Roger has extensive experience in this work, including prior stints as the Executive Director of a transitional housing program in Harrisburg, as well as passion for creating opportunities for people who have struggled to succeed, as you’ll hear in his letter. The journey of our program participants continues to be at the center of our work.

With the participant’s experience, like that of Jeff and Tracey, as our guiding lens, we have spent the spring and summer developing a new strategic plan. We’ve had lots of conversations with staff, program participants, board members, community partners, and supporters. Together, we have dreamed big about the future of our work in the community. We’ve asked questions like: “Do we understand our clients’ needs and do we offer the right products that help improve their situation?”; “Are there other groups we could/should be partnering with?”; and “What does success look like in 5 years?” We’re not done yet, but I am confident the important work of TLC in providing a safe place for families and veterans to rebuild after a difficult time will be a central point in the new plan. I’ll share more details in a future newsletter once the plan is complete. If you have ideas, I’d love to hear from you (!

As I was sitting down to write this note, the meaning of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing kept coming to mind. Neil Armstrong walking on the moon was the culmination of the brilliance and hard work of so many men and women at NASA and other organizations. It gives me goosebumps to think of not only what they dreamed of and then achieved, but moreover what we can all do in the future when our vision, tools, and team align.

I believe Lancaster County is special and uniquely positioned for a “moonshot” of our own in homelessness. We saw a glimmer of it back in 2015 when the White House recognized Lancaster County for being one of the few communities nationwide to have “ended” veteran homelessness.i TLC/Veterans Victory House was and continues to be a critical part of that success story. The group that founded TLC (then Harb-Adult) in 1986 knew serving adults experiencing homelessness and transitioning them to permanent housing wouldn’t be easy. But for more than three decades we’ve helped people realize their human rights of housing and financial security. There’s more work to be done, but we believe that together we can achieve extraordinary things.


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